Love Wānaka raises funds, and awareness, for local environmental action – protecting this place now and for generations to come.

What Is Love Wānaka?
What Is Love Wānaka?
Love Wānaka is a community fund that exists so that visitors to our rohe (region), and the businesses connecting them, can play an active role in the protection and regeneration of this place.

We’re thinking more consciously about why, how, and where we travel. We need to consider how we might make our trips more sustainable and regenerative. It’s never been more important than now.
How It Works
How It Works
Love Wānaka connects our visitors and visitor industry to projects of impact in our region, raising funds to support local environmental initiatives right here in Wānaka.

We’re all about supporting a unique, localised response to the challenges and opportunities of high-volume visitation, with targeted and strategic funding to those who know best.
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Your donation will go towards local efforts which help to protect and preserve our delicate ecosystem.

Give Back
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Pitch in during your stay with one of our amazing local initiatives, and make your mark on Wānaka.

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Go beyond a one-off donation. We’re looking for individuals and organisations to invest long-term.

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