Love Wānaka was established so that visitors to our rohe (region), and the businesses connecting them, can play an active role in the protection and regeneration of this place.

Our purpose has an intergenerational focus: how can we be good tupuna (ancestors) and create the foundations of a thriving future long after we are gone?

Mission and vision:

Our mission is to inspire tautiakitaka (guardianship); to create an ecosystem where nature thrives for the benefit of all species; and to ensure that tourism gives back more than it takes.

We will build strong connections between our visitors and our place: inviting them to understand and respect our taoka (things most treasured); to arrive as manuhiri (guests) and leave as whanui (extended family).

Woman walking with wheelbarrow.

“Our aspiration is for the visitor industry to enrich this place, and the lives of the local community, now and into the future; to create mutual value for our whānau / whānui (our families, communities, and visitors), our whenua (our land and natural resources) and our economy”.

Girl walking on large fallen tree in the wilderness.

We are guided by these values:

We recognise both the privilege and the responsibility of living in and being stewards of such a treasured place.

We lead with compassion, courage and hope.

We are inclusive, respectful and appreciative of diversity. We bring people together, united behind a shared vision for the future of our home.

We are open, honest and transparent, standing by our claims and acting with integrity at all times.

Man showing Woman how to plant natives.

We will create impact by:

We raise funds for localised climate, conservation and biodiversity action, amplifying the mahi (work) of those who are on the ground tackling the climate crisis head-on. All funds are distributed exclusively within this region, so you know your money is going directly to the place you love. 20% of all funds raised are invested in a local endowment fund which will grow over time, enabling long-term, substantial funding opportunities well into the future.

Love Wānaka exists to change the way we travel, for good. By sharing the values of our place and connecting visitors to the things that make it special, we hope to inspire the type of travel that enriches our community and our environment, safeguarding it for the future and ensuring it’s here to be enjoyed for many (many) years to come.

We support businesses to further their sustainable and regenerative practices and provide a platform that heroes their work and shares their commitment to place with their customers and community.