Creative, bespoke picture framing to include 3D memorabilia and all types of needlework.
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Sometimes it takes a few decades, numerous jobs, years of toil and a fair few wines to come full circle, back to what you knew in your heart from the beginning.

The team at AP Designs & Framing are glad to say they have reached that point. They now wake up each and every day, enthused about the current projects, inspired by previous ones and excitedly anticipating what is to come next.

Working in a hands-on environment using tools, transforming raw materials, such as wood, card and glass into physical objects is so rewarding. Creativity and innovation are a huge part of what they do. Constantly they are faced with challenging new objects to preserve, and must find new ways to make them look incredible (yet still function in their preservation role).

Creativity is everything to AP Designs & Framing. A good life is a creative life. They strive to be creative in everything they do. There are endless opportunities, only limited by our beliefs.

Authenticity is just as important. In all things: their work, their studio, their workshop, their designs, their connection with clients and their communications. They bring authenticity and energy to each and every project.

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