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Aspiring Dental has an enduring history as a family business, with roots tracing back to July 1984. Founded by Steve Brett, under the McDougall Street redwood trees, the dental practice was originally known as “Steve Brett Dental.”

The practice steadily grew and in April 1994, moved to its more central location, 64 Brownston Street, where it still stands today.

1999 signified another step forward, taking on the name “Aspiring Dental.” This change marked a new chapter for the dental clinic, signifying its commitment to community care. Over the years, Aspiring Dental continued to prove its dedication to excellence as Wānaka’s leading dentist. 

In 2005, Michael Brett, Steve’s son, joined the practice, bringing with him a renewed passion for dentistry and a desire to carry forward the family legacy.

The passing of the torch took place in September 2016, when Michael purchased the practice from his father, who retired later that year. Steve’s departure marked the end of an era, but the foundation he laid down, and the values instilled in Aspiring Dental, continued to guide the practice.

Since then, Aspiring Dental has helped countless patients with their oral health, upheld by a collaborative and talented dental team. The clinic’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and with over 40 years servicing the Wānaka community, the legacy of Aspiring Dental lives on.

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