Charlie's Deli offers authentic French fine food products, including home-made freshly baked goods, real French cheese, charcuterie, gourmet food, gifts and more.
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Opened in 2023, Charlie’s Deli offers unique French products to the Wānaka scene.
Whether you’re planning a cozy breakfast, a delightful picnic, or a sophisticated soirée, Charlie’s Deli is your go-to destination for quality and taste!

The smell of home-made freshly baked pastries will transport you to the streets of Paris.
All baked goods are made in house from scratch from the flaky croissants to the French baguettes.  We introduce new exclusive products all year round.

Charlie’s Deli stock a wide range of authentic French cheeses, cut to order. From the creamy brie, the nutty Comté, to the robust Roquefort, our cheese selection mirrors the diversity and richness of France.

Beyond baked goods and cheese, we offer a carefully curated range of gourmet foods, treats and gifts.

Experience the essence of France in every bite!

75 Brownston Street, Wanaka, 9305, New Zealand Get Directions
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