Head to the Metalworks Wanaka gallery and talk to the team about your desires for art, furniture, homewares, fix-its, signs, caravans & bespoke works of all sorts.
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The team at Metalworks Wanaka loves to innovate. Their experienced engineers are leaders in fine design and manufacturers of unique, high-quality, limited production and bespoke metal products of all sorts. 

Head to their gallery at 54 Ballantyne Rd to see examples of a wide array of work, and perhaps even take some home. Their work includes but is not limited to fire pokers, screens, guards and grates, wood boxes, braziers, sculptures, tables, garden and home decorations, mirrors and furniture – or anything else customers may bring along for repair, renovation or creation. 

Led by designer Steve Rumore, their engineers excel at formulating winning strategies to move imagination into metal. 

Whether it’s a personal commemoration, a piece of artistic furniture, custom caravan, the sky is the limit and the team delights in designing what their customers describe. 

Repair and re-purpose is part of their environmental policy, which also includes using earth-friendly products, sourcing locally, creating products which encourage the elimination of waste and using an electric car. 

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